Thursday, June 14, 2007

Why I work

I've been thinking, and I think that I have a job, just so that I have something to look forward to. Yeah, the paycheck is nice, certainly. And having good insurance and the prospect of a very comfortable retirement is great too. But I really think that the main reason I work is to have to wait to do certain things.

Yeah, I can imagine how crazy that must sound. But just now, I was thinking about this weekend. Nicole starts swim lessons again on Saturday (she took lessons last Spring), and I have some shopping I want to do for some new landscape plants. Then, after we're home and the kids are napping, I'm going to get the pool out and get it cleaned up and filled, so that the water can be warming up. We have an errand to run later that will take us out to my MIL's house, so the kids won't get to swim any more on Saturday most likely. But then that should leave all day on Sunday for us to just chill out at home and play outside. And hopefully I can get my plants planted before suffering heat stroke.

What's really crazy, is that if I were home with the kids every day, I'd have all the time in the world to do this stuff, but I know me. I wouldn't. Nicole would be parked in front of the TV all day and I'd spend most of the day transferring Jake from toy to toy. I think that, because there was always tomorrow, there would never be the incentive to get anything done today. But since I have a 9-5, I know that if I don't get my plans done on the weekend, I have to wait a whole other week for another shot. And that's really enough to make me get off my butt and get stuff done.

I can't wait for the weekend! Maybe I'll head to Target tonight and see if I can find some little floaty thing for Jake so he can get in the pool with Nicole. :-)

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