Thursday, June 14, 2007

Teeth shmeeth!

So tonight we decided that we needed a new pool. The one we had was not cleaned out well before the winter, and it was allowed to get nasty. So nasty it wasn't worth saving (seriously - the health of our children may have been at risk - LOL). Anyway, we decided to go look for one at Target and go to the pizza buffet afterwards. Mmmmmm pizza buffet.....

Rob fed Jacob before I got home - just some baby food veggies, but enough that he wouldn't be hungry and need to be fed at the pizza place.

Ha! The boy made it perfectly clear that he wanted what we were having - teeth or no teeth. We keep trying to explain to him that he has no teeth, but he doesn't seem to care. So after several grabs at my plate, I went back to the buffet and assembled a plate for him. He sucked on several chunks of cheese garlic bread, turning them back into dough, and then worked on some cucumber slices. (I really didn't think he was ready for pepperoni so grabbed what I thought was safest from the salad bar). I honestly didn't think he could do much more than drool on a slice of cucumber, but man was I wrong. He sucked the soft middle part right of out it. He then started to work on some carrots. He gave up on those pretty quickly though - probably because he couldn't ever get anything off of it that he could swallow.

So, I'm thinking we may be going from Gerber 1st Foods straight to table food. I know you can get little canned veggies that have no salt, so those would probably be good. I should also see about keeping some fresh fruit and veggies around. Even cucumbers. Who knows - maybe he'll finally cut a tooth on a nice thick cucumber slice. It would probably feel pretty good if it were nice and cold.

Nicole is such a picky eater. So is her father. Maybe Jake will be my little eating buddy. Perhaps I'll finally have an excuse to buy vegetables!

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Tiffany said...

WTG Jake! Ryleighs been grabbing for my food, but Im still not ready for that :( I did try the puffs with her the other day and she liked them. Glad hes eating well for you!