Monday, June 18, 2007

Where's the Beef?

So, it appears that we'll be going from the Gerber 1st Foods straight to table food. Jake has made it perfectly clear that he has no interest in being in a high chair if there isn't something there for him to eat. So even though he may have had a container of baby food, he still looks at us eating, with that "hey - where's mine?" kind of expression.

I've spent several meals over the past several days trying to find something Jake can eat by himself while the rest of us have our own meals. So far, he's had bread (toast, pizza crust, and plain bread), cucumbers, peaches, and cheerios.

I need to get one of those mesh feeder things - and soon. Our ability to all have dinner together as a family may very well depend on it.


Tiffany said...

Ryleigh looks at me with that same its funny isnt it! Hope he enjoys his table foods.

Laura McIntyre said...

Have you heard of Babyled Weaning? Its basically what we are doing with Eilidh , instead of babyfood/purees she just joins in with our family meals. I find it such an easy and satisfying way to feed the kids and she loves to feed herself, im already making health meals the two year old can eat so why not the 7 month old.
Good luck

~Cathy~ said...

I've started feeding Nicholas mostly table food too. Baby food is a hassle. He's eaten: french toast (torn into tiny pieces), cut up carrots, cut up grapes (reallly tiny), macaroni and cheese (again, in tiny bites), green beans. Oh, and the gerber puffs, of course! For breakfast, I've been giving him a bowl of cheerios with a little bit of formula on them. I have to feed him of course but he loves it!

Julie said...

I never would have tried this with my first, but I'm clearly more brave now. :-) I just bought some of the stage 3 stuff this weekend, just to see what he thinks of the meat flavored stuff. Once I get him used to that - then I'll send that to day care, but probably just feed him normal food at home. The day care only feeds the infants what is brought from home, and for that, the jars are just so much easier.

Oh, and Cathy - I never in a million years would have thought of feeding him cheerios with formula - but that's brilliant! I already feed him cheerios one at a time, and he's really good at chewing them up. Mushing them up with some formula is a fantastic idea!