Monday, June 25, 2007

Daddy the Hero

There are times when I think that my husband is good for nothing more than keeping the kids alive and well when they're completely in his care.  But there are times, when keeping them alive and well are exactly what make him the greatest dad in the world.  From the time Nicole was little, the jobs he volunteered for were, making up the formula and dispensing whatever medicine might be required.  He does the same for Jake - and Jake takes prevacid every day, so there's always medicine to be given.  Daddy is also the man who fixes the general boo-boos.  He inspects every cut and scrape, and treats it with the appropriate ointment and bandage.

This morning, he took it up a notch.  He quite possibly saved our son's life.  As I was walking out the door to head to day care, Jake started to cough.  It didn't sound like a gagging cough at first, but I started patting him on the back - but quickly he started turning red and really gagging, and he clearly wasn't breathing - but he was still trying to cough.  I ran in to where Rob was and told him I needed help.  Rob completely grabbed Jake and put him on his belly and started hitting his back, but then quickly got him up again and started feeling in his mouth.  I then heard Jake breathing, and told Rob he was breathing, but Rob didn't stop.  Seconds later, Rob removed his finger from Jake's mouth and showed me a sticker - the sparkly foil kind.  He had reached as far as he could into Jake's throat to get it.

Jake is fine.  This never happened with Nicole, because there were never any remnants of an older child laying around.  But I guess we need to start paying more attention.

In the meantime, I've decided that, if all Rob ever does from here on out is keep the kids alive - then that will be fine with me.


Tiffany said...

WTG SUPERDAD! So glad Jake is OK!! scary!

Julie said...

We're still finding foil stickers everywhere we look - it's crazy! We're going to have to construct a "safe zone" for Jake where we can put him when we need to take our eyes off of him. Someplace Nicole can't get to. ;-)

Laura McIntyre said...

What a wonderful daddy, that must of been so scary for you guys but glad he is ok. Thankfully just now Rebecca is still to young so most of her toys don't have to many small parts. Although i did find Eilidh eating flowers from daisy chains we made yesterday. Lovely