Thursday, June 28, 2007


This morning, my darling son discovered gravity - the uncomfortable way.  Shame on us as the parents for not realizing that a 4 year old can not be expected to contain a determined seven month old.  I know she tried her hardest, but poor little Jake still took a header right off of our bed. 

Before I go any further -- he's totally fine.

I was in the shower, and Rob had gone to fetch Nicole some breakfast.  Nicole kept yelling something, which I didn't understand because I was in the shower.  Usually that causes her to come running closer so she could tell me again.  But not this time - she stayed right by the bed.  I didn't know, until I heard a thump and screaming, that she was trying to warn me that she couldn't hold him much longer.

Of course, I jump out of the shower, with shampoo still in my eyes to go pick him up.  Good thing he wasn't hurt, or I would surely have damaged him further the way I quickly scooped him up.  But we eventually got him calmed down, and then did a few close observations of his behaviors, and his eyes, and whatnot, and he seemed fine. 

He must have been a bit shaken up though, because for the first time ever, he got upset when I tried to leave him at day care.  Poor little guy.  But I called at noon, and he was being his same as usual self.

Seems its time to bring the playpen in the bedroom.  We need a morning routine containment vessel.  LOL.


~Cathy~ said...

Glad Jake is ok! Nicholas has fallen off the bed once too. And he was just fine after a little crying spell! Still doesn't make us feel any less guilty, does it?

Julie said...

Nope - we were still feeling pretty guilty about it this morning! But this morning, he didn't spend any time on our bed - he went straight to the floor. So I guess maybe we learned our lesson. :-)

Tiffany said...

WOW Glad hes ok! Ryleigh fell off the couch a few months ago. That was scary. She barley cryed which was good and she was fine also.

Laura McIntyre said...

Poor boy and poor Nicole to she must have been worried about it. Glad he is ok though. I once accidently pushed Rebecca of the bed and still feel so guilty about it