Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We're idiots. We purchased a new inflatable pool for the kids, and I got a little floaty tube thing for Jake. We decided to leave it filled for a few days, just to give Nicole and opportunity to swim after we all got home this week. And that was fine, but what we failed to do was bring in Jake's thing. It is, of course, gone. At some point on Monday, we got some winds that were enough to knock over a BBQ pit. So I'm sure his little thing is completely out of the subdivision by now.

We can get him a new one, but what a waste of $10. We just need to get our act together and pay attention.


~Cathy~ said...

I hate it when that happens. We've had a couple things blow away too. :(

Laura McIntyre said...

Argg its horrible when stuff like that happen, mind you i would love to have a garden stuff could blow away from

Julie said...

Laura - I'm beginning to wish for a much smaller yard than what we have, or maybe just a fence or something. We have an acre, which is fantastic for letting Nicole run, and for playing games, but we can't put a fence around it. There have been times when Rob has had to go into the woods at the end of the road to recover chairs and toys and the like.

So, if you get a garden, you will definitely fill it up, and then a stiff wind will make you wish you didn't have it again. LOL.