Thursday, July 12, 2007

The things they say

This is mostly about Nicole, since all Jake can say is dadadadada.

She's been saying some very sweet things lately. For instance, she's quite interested in my wardrobe. She gets especially happy when I wear a skirt. Earlier this week, she said, "Thank you, mommy, for wearing that beautiful skirt". To which I replied "Thank you, Nicole. That was very nice of you to say". Any time I wear a heel she'll comment about my beautiful shoes, and she always thanks me if I go so far as to put on a necklace.

A few days ago, I used some little clips to pull her bangs back (I'm trying to grow them out), and I asked her to look in the mirror and see if if looked OK. She said they did, and then posed the question, "Am I gorgeous?". I promptly confirmed that she indeed was, gorgeous. She loves to be beautiful, and is quick to point out to others how beautiful she finds something about them. But "gorgeous" is new, just this week.

Tonight, she went through the toybox and found a few miscellaneous dress-up items, and a few purses and a headband. She also found one dress-up shoe. She came clip-clopping down the hallway, and showed me all of her purses. I asked her why she was wearing only one shoe. Without hesitation, she very matter-of-factly pointed out, "Well, because I'm Cinderella" and then went about her business.

Unfortunately we ended the night on a sad note, because I cut the back of my leg on a nail, and had her daddy patch it up for me. She's incredibly sympathetic, that one. As she was holding a tissue on it (while daddy went to find neosporin), she said, in a very weepy voice, "I'm so sorry, mommy, that you're hurting". The poor thing was almost in tears. I assured her that I was really going to be very fine. But knowing her emotional little self, she'll probably have a bloody nightmare about it.

Uh oh.. speaking of bleeding, looks like the bandage wasn't quite heavy-duty enough. Time to re-dress.


Tiffany said...

Awww what a sweety!

Laura McIntyre said...

She sounds to adorable for words, i love that age - my neice is 4 1/2 and get such a kick out of her