Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So Tired

Whew. I've had about all I can take for tonight. The last two days after work has been nothing but rushing around trying to get the house picked up and ready for our annual July 4th bash. And now, with the list not even half marked off, I'm giving in. I was going to get all of the food prep ready, including getting hamburger patties made and tomatoes and onions sliced. But my eyes just aren't holding out. I guess most of what's left can be managed tomorrow. Luckily we have until 4pm to finish up. I think the day will begin with LOTS of coffee. :-)

Realistically, I shouldn't complain about any paid day off of work. However, I don't think any holiday setup sucks more than one that falls on a Wednesday. You have no time to prepare, and no time to recover. You spend the first half of the work week looking forward to the day off and trying to figure out what needs to be done in the evenings, and then the last two days tired as hell.

How many days until Labor Day again?

I know tomorrow will be a good time. It always is. We fill the little kid pool and put out all of the water toys, and most of the people mill around outside and watch the kids splash around. Then we'll fire up the grill and everyone will eat entirely too much. Then we'll have the homemade ice cream that Grandma brought, with some of those sugar wafer cookies. Then Rob and his buddies will haul out a truckload of fireworks, a butane torch, and a fire extinguisher and saunter out to the far edge of the yard like a bunch of ghostbusters. The rest of us will find a comfortable spot near the house and watch while the whole neighborhood puts on a collective show. Some of us will come in early and try to calm sleepy and frightened babies, and others will come in just because they're bored.

But when it's all over, it will have been another fun-filled holiday.

Off to bed.


Tiffany said...

I hope you had a great party!

Laura McIntyre said...

Hope you guys had a fun party, bet your glad its over sounds like you have had a busy time lately