Monday, July 2, 2007

I miss my kids!

So Saturday, after the party, I parted ways with my kids so that they could spend some time with their grandma.  She even offered to keep them two nights, so that we didn't have to make another trip out on Sunday to go get them, and she'd bring them back Monday when we were home from work.  That was great, because I figured I could spend all day Sunday getting ready for our annual July 4th bash. 

Now, not only did I spend most of Sunday scrapbooking (so I didn't make a bit of progress preparing for the party), but now I miss the kids terribly.  It was awful.  I'm 8 months behind on my scrapbooking, and gosh durnit I was going to get organized and start getting caught up.  But this caused me to spend probably what totaled 6 hours yesterday looking at pictures of the kids, which covered Jake from birth to now, as well as lots of pictures of the two kids playing together. 

And now I can't wait until they get home.  I still haven't gotten anything done for the party, and with them back home, I won't make much progress either. But at least I won't miss them any more.


~Cathy~ said...

How sweet! I'm the same way when I get to scrapbooking. I spend so much time oohing and aahing over the pictures that I barely get anything done! I'm going away in October for a weekend scrapbook crop. I cannot wait. I'm getting farther and farther behind. BUT at least I've gotten Nicholas' book started so he can't complain there aren't any pictures of him!

Julie said...

The weekend getaway sounds like fun! But I would probably have to do so much work to get organized to take the proper stuff on a trip, that I'd be exhausted before I ever left. What I need is just a weekend where I can lock myself in the basement and just "pretend" I'm away from home. I could do it too - it's a walk-out, and there's a bathroom, fridge and microwave. What more could I need (except some more adhesive - lol).

Laura McIntyre said...

Time off should be spent doing what you enjoy doing, glad you started to get caught up