Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stat Post - week of 12/20

Monday: 10 minute walk through building (twice); 40 minutes on the treadmill
Tuesday: 10 minute walk through building (twice)
Wednesday: 10 minute walk through building (twice); 40 minutes on the treadmill
Thursday: 10 minute walk through building (twice)
Friday: (xmas eve - off work) no exercise at all
Saturday: xmas day - totally off-menu - no exercise at all
Sunday: Two trips up and down the street (probably no more than .5 mile), 35 minutes of Zumba.

I gave myself a total pass on Christmas. Christmas Eve the kids and I went out to see if any last minute shopping items spoke to us. They didn't. And the stores were surprisingly non-busy. After shopping, we went to IHOP. They have one or two decent choices on the menu, but none of them qualified at all as what I wanted, and what I wanted was real eggs. Egg substitute is yucky. That lunch was probably an entire day's calorie allowance. Oh well. I left happy. And for dinner, I had nachos - the same nachos the rest of my family was having. So there.

Christmas morning was at my parents' house - where there was not a single good choice to be had. The only available options were donuts, and fried breakfast food. And I sampled it all, because it wouldn't have been Christmas without it. The primary difference was that I only had one plateful. That's usually not the case.

Skipped lunch, and once home, opened a bottle of wine which I finished entirely on my own by the end of the night. And that might explain why I'm not entirely certain what all I ate for dinner. I know there was a cold cut sandwich, followed by some pizza. There were also some dessert items, and chips and cheese dip. Can't even begin to account for how much of that stuff I ate.

Today was back on menu. And I have no idea what to expect for the weigh-in tomorrow morning. If I gained, I doubt it was any more than last week. I may still hit the treadmill tonight after the kids are in bed. Just to totally make sure I expend more than I took in today.

Time to check the freezer to see what's available for dinner.

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