Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mid-week diet reflections

So, it's only Thursday, and with my weigh-ins being typically on Mondays, this is really about mid-week. I think this week has been a good week for the weight loss efforts. I figured out something critical for making the food thing work. I'm sure that Erica (the Jenny Craig consultant) would not approve of my methods, but once I have my weigh-in on Monday (assuming the numbers go the way I think they will), I will be convinced that my way is better and I will continue doing things that way.

According to the instructions, one is supposed to follow the menu fairly exactly. As in, if they say that I should be having such-and-such a cereal for breakfast, then I should also be having exactly such-and-such a sandwich for lunch and exactly such-and-such an entree for dinner. It's all perfectly nutritionally balanced that way. And it drives me perfectly nuts. I hate it. I tried to stick with it last week, and look at the food prescribed for the entire day before I selected breakfast. Way to start the day on a sour note. Trying to figure out what I might like for dinner at 8am is just not something I can do. And honestly, when it then came time for dinner - I didn't want what was on the menu, and rather than choosing a different JC box, I chose Taco Bell. I somehow doubt that was the right choice.

So this week, I'm trying something different. I have 7+ breakfast options, at least 10 lunch options, and probably 15 dinner options (Taco Bell wasn't the only diversion). So, before leaving for work, I grab whichever breakfast seems the most desirable, and whatever lunch item strikes me. When I get home, I select a dinner. I'm sure my days are not nutritionally balanced, especially when you factor in all of the prescribed snacks. If I feel like yogurt instead of popcorn, then I have yogurt. Not the same, but I'm not angry about the food. Last week I was angry. Last week I was ready to quit. Last week, I gained half a pound. This week, I think I'm down about 3 lbs.

I think the lesson here is that restrictions are bad for me. The more restrictions and rules, the less likely I am to succeed. Apparently, I need to do things on my own terms. Clearly I need help (like in the form of portion controlled boxed food), but all of the other rules and restrictions and requirements are nothing but a barrier and do little more than piss me off.

So, we'll just see how the week pans out, but for now, I think I might have stumbled on to a compromise that might just work. Come Monday morning I'll know for sure.


ClothDragon said...

I could play analyst with this, but I'm sure you could too :)

Julie said...

Yeah - as I was typing, I also realized that this is exactly how I run my work life too. I'm rather well-known in my department for not doing things the prescribed way, and I'm also somewhat well known for having more success with my clients than others in similar positions.

I've never ever considered myself a leader - but it seems pretty obvious that I'm nothing even close to a follower. I guess I'm lucky I'm allowed to get away with it. :-)