Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's nearly over....

Christmas, that is. I really don't like the fact that I detest Christmas more every year. I don't mind the giving - I actually emptied my purse of cash because of the bell ringers, and we sent in gift cards or supplies to every adopt-a-whatever that anyone we knew was sponsoring. Tomorrow I plan on taking the kids to a toys-for-tots dropoff location. I already have two things, but I'm considering taking the kids to a toy store first and having them choose something for the drop box.

But I wish that there weren't so many other obligations. And I wish I could convince myself that it would be OK to get my children one gift each and call it good. Not because we can't afford it - but rather because they're entirely too spoiled. And regardless of all of the things that will be under the tree, there will probably still be disappointment. This is why I'm looking forward to this all being over.

Tomorrow is the work holiday, and the day care is closed too. And I'm trying to figure out how to spend the day without feeling the need to sedate my children. They're bound to be bouncing off of every wall. I think we definitely need to do the toys for tots thing - at least it gets us out for a bit. I've also considered having them select some neglected toys from their rooms and take them to Good Will. Maybe we can go get some cash from an ATM and visit a few red kettles. I'm sure it won't help ground them as much as I'd like, but maybe it will help me feel better.

Or maybe we can just make cookies. Oh wait, but then there's all the wrapping that still needs to be done. And I've still got a calendar to make for the swap at my mom's house. Oh, and we need to drop off gifts for all of the neighbors at some point. Oh, and the holiday cards need to be made (I guess I should limit my designs to Happy New Year - or maybe Valentine's Day). And Rob wants me to make some earrings for Nicole to balance out some cars he found for Jake. Dammit. I hate Christmas.


ClothDragon said...

MaryJanice Davidson is way more excited about Christmas than us. Maybe we should shake things up next year. :)

Julie said...

I love her bizarro christmas idea. Maybe when Jake is old enough to understand that every round piece of metal isn't a penny, we could start moving towards that idea. It certainly makes more sense than the continued spoiling that takes place in our house.