Sunday, September 16, 2007


Oh my god. Rob and Nicole just made the most amazing bread. Silly, I
realize, to get excited over bread. But seriously, this is some great
stuff. They started on it yesterday, because the dough needed to sit
overnight or something. Then they baked it this morning. It was a
crazy simple recipe - like flour, water and yeast. It wasn't
something that was supposed to rise, and it was baked in a big ol'
casserole dish.

So it's huge, dense, spongy, and with real butter all over it might
possibly be the best bread I've ever eaten, even though there is truly
nothing to it.

Why am I bothering wasting bandwidth on this, you might ask? Well,
because I'm realizing that we need to cook/eat at home more. Fast
food and restaurant food have not only sucked up way more of our
budget than it should, but I think it may have killed our taste buds.
I'm beginning to think that our tongues have been coated with so much
grease and preservatives over the year that we've completely forgotten
how the simplest of real foods taste.

Rob made some pork chops earlier in the week. Nothing major, just
seared them in a skillet with some oil and a little bit of some
seasoning mix from Penzeys. He's not a huge fan of pork, but I woofed
it down like I hadn't had a single bite of food in weeks. And maybe I
hadn't. Our diet largely consists of whatever can be had in a
drive-through on the way home - or delivery. Granted, it will suck up
most of what little time we get together as a family in the evenings,
with prep time, cook time, and clean-up. But maybe if we all just
hang out in the kitchen during that time anyway, we won't really be
missing out.

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Tiffany said...

My MIL makes some REALLY great bread also. She enters it in the fair and almost always gets 1st place! Good luck with the cooking. :)