Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Kinda busy

I haven't been around much, but there's good reason. It seems I've been completely overcome by hobbys. In the last two months, I've done what seems like a gazillion scrapbook pages, and I've made a few necklaces, but in the midst of all of that - I started yet another new thing. I created


I had subscribed to a yahoo group for women giving birth about the same time as Jake was due. Recently, I decided to play around with Mambo (CMS) a little, but I needed an idea for a site. I asked these women what kinds of things they thought might be lacking on the Internet (no need to re-invent any wheels here). They cited all kinds of mommy topics like breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and other such stuff. And it's not that this information doesn't already exist - it just doesn't exist in one spot. I then had the idea to make the site center around a wiki. I'd provide the starting wiki pages, based on the suggestions of my fellow mommys, and let users supply their wisdom for the actual content. Hence, granolamommy was born.

It's still new, and there's a lot that's lacking. But hopefully it will be discovered some day, and moms everywhere will add their own wisdom to the pot. There are plenty of sites that will offer professional advice. But I think the best professionals are other moms.

Check it out, please. Let others know. Put links to it from your own home page. Who knows - maybe this can turn into something pretty cool.

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