Friday, March 2, 2007


So I did a lot of shopping while I was on maternity leave. Part of it was having my husband home every hour of every day. My time off with Nicole really was a bit of a vacation (once I got the hang of caring for a baby). This time, I knew how to take care of a baby, and was prepared to have a fabulous relaxing vacation. But I wasn't prepared to have company (other than Jake, of course).

So, I shopped. Over the course of November and December, I wound up watching a lot of What Not to Wear on TLC. Dangerous, dangerous thing to do in large doses. I wound up paying close attention to how they dressed other women that were close to my size and shape. I then headed to the mall with "the rules". It didn't take much for this to turn into an obsession. Once I had enough pants, tops and jackets to fill my closet, I then headed for the shoes. I never ever wore heels to work. I now wear them four days a week.

The last thing I ever thought I'd do was accessorize. However, on my last day off, I let Nicole drag me into one of those mall jewelry stores (I think it was Icing). I started looking around, and found myself strangely attracted to some beaded necklaces. So I purchased a few in some colors that went with my new wardrobe. Mind you, I wear one piece of jewelry 24/7, and that's my wedding ring. When I go out, I add my engagement ring, and a birthstone ring. That's it. No earrings, necklaces, or any other type of jewelry.

But I went back to work sporting a new wardrobe, complete with high heels and necklaces. After that first week though, I realized I still had several outfits that lacked the appropriate beads. So what did I do? Shop for necklaces? NO. I went to the craft store and bought an assortment of beads, wires, clasps, and whatever else I thought I needed to make necklaces. Lo and behold, I now have a new hobby. Bummer. My wallet didn't need that. But here I am, nearly $500 later. I have actually made one necklace, and I'm absolutely crazy about it. I have enough beads to make at least 100 more necklaces, I'm certain. I hope beads will continue to entertain me, because while I do really like my homemade necklace, it sure as heck isn't worth $500. :-)

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