Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stepping it up a notch

This week, I decided to step it up a notch.  And it was a BAD idea.  More on that later.  Yesterday's weigh-in was no major surprise.  I'd had a few unexpectedly good weeks, and when you combine last week's completely hosed routine (thanks to the chaos caused by the snow) with my complete lack of control with food over the weekend, it adds up to two pounds gained.  I'm not all that upset, because the amount of enjoyment I got out of those weekend food fests was worth it.  I know I should feel very guilty over it, but I just can't.  The food made me entirely too happy.

So this week, I'm motivated to get those two pounds back off, and then one more.  I know it can be done - I've had weeks where I've gone down by 3 pounds before.  They're just rare.  I'm not shooting for any more than 3 though, because Friday is my birthday (turning 39 for the first time) and there will be ice cream involved, and probably a nice meal out if we can get around the v-day crowds.

But so far, my motivation has backfired.  I thought it was time that I introduced something new in the activity component of this journey.  So I dusted off a cardio video I got from The Biggest Loser a long time ago.  I'd done it once before, and now I remember quite clearly why it was only once.  I did this video at 9pm last night, and I woke up sore this morning.  And usually, doesn't the sore take 24 hours to really rear its ugly head?  And isn't it WORSE on the second day?  Based on the way I feel now, I might actually be completely immobile tomorrow!    I'm sure there was cardio in that video somewhere, because my heart rate was definitely up and I certainly had a good sweat going.  But in hindsight, I should have stopped when I saw that very first lunge.

I guess I could look on the bright side.  This sore will serve as a reminder of what I'm trying to accomplish.  I won't attempt anything that muscle intense any more this week because I have no desire to cross the line from sore to injured.  But maybe I should aspire to eventually being able to get through that 20 minute video without killing myself.  That seems like a good goal, and it's slightly more interesting than my treadmill time.


ClothDragon said...

When we were doing videos we loved the 8 Minute ones. They have 8 Minute Abs, ...Arms, ...Legs, ...Butt, and an 8 Minute Stretch. We would do the stretch and one exercise group each day.

They will KILL you if you try all the exercises in one set full force in the beginning, but the guy constantly reminds you about easing in and demonstrates the easier version almost every time.

Julie said...

I hear ya. The video I did had three segments, and I only did the first one. And, I did the modified "low impact" version of all of the exercises. If I had some 8 minute videos, I'm sure that would be far more appropriate at my beginner stage. Perhaps it's time to browse the library's DVD catalog....