Monday, January 10, 2011


I can't believe I never got around to posting about last week's
weigh-in. It was a shock! I lost 4lbs last week, and considering
that I munched myself silly at the NYE party on the 31st, it's a
miracle. I did try to account for that night of splurging by making
sure I got more activity in, and I guess that did the trick.

This past week wasn't as difficult - I didn't have the major splurge
night like the week before, but I did have a few meals off-menu. I
guess I go less insane about the whole meal plan thing that way if I
try to stick to "the plan" in a loose kind of way. I lost 2.5 lbs
last week, which I'm quite happy with. I think the new treadmill
helps a lot - I've been doing all of my walks on an incline.

Also, in good/bad news, I just bought new pants (good!), but if I keep
this pace for too many more weeks, I'll only get a few wears before
having to drop some more money on clothes again (bad). It's times
like this that I wish it were spring - I'm sure I can get more mileage
out of a skirt, or at least be able to take in a skirt myself. Oh
well - I wanted this. So I've got to deal with the extra expense of
the in-between clothes (since they'd surely frown on my switch from
business casual to sweat pants at work ;-) ).


ClothDragon said...

Cheers for you!

Julie said...

Thanks! I'm hoping that when it's time for shorts, I'll be close to needing a 14 (2 more sizes). I never would have thought it possible, but now that the results are somewhat noticeable by something other than numbers on a scale, I actually have a glimmer of hope of being a 14 again, or maybe even a 12 - though seriously, a size 12 is probably not sustainable for me, and a comfortable size 14 was my initial goal anyway.